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Broken Crown of Amar
0 1
An original mature fantasy rp inspired by the works of JRR Tolkien and George RR Martin.
The Vampire Diaries Role-Play
0 0
Someone is bringing people back form the dead: Rose and Tatia are one of them. Some of them don't even remember dying. Katherine and Rebekah asked Bonnie to cast a spell and find out who that person is and what he/she wants. The spell backfired and Bonnie
Prayin' for Daylight
0 0
1890s AU Wild West Supernatural/Fantasy roleplay site with werewolves and humans. Two outlaw gangs fighting for gold and humans are dragged into the center of it. Two small towns brought together. Canons & Originals accepted.
0 0
Astarin is an original fantasy RP set in a world on the brink of a magical and technological Renaissance, but embroiled in the political upheaval following the death of the nation's leader.
Three Crowns in Aranduin
0 0
Come join us in Aranduin, an open sandbox style world on the brink of a new age. Populated by a wide variety of characters, Aranduin is a high fantasy site and home to magic, beauty, truth, and danger. Adventure awaits, and not all is as it seems. Warrior