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Chaotic Origin

Bred through fire, magic, and blood these are the real bumps in the night that live among us. Join us for the adventure for what should have been, could have been, or wait... is it reality.

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Chaotic Origin
137 23

Bred through fire, magic, and blood these are the real bumps in the night that live among us. Join us for the adventure for what should have been, could have been, or wait... is it reality.
Creative Freedom RPG
14 18

Breaking free from the oppression of other roleplay sites, you step into the world of Creative Freedom where we strive to allow all who have a drive and a need for creativity to express themselves freely in the world of roleplaying.
Broken Crown of Amar
3 21

An original mature fantasy rp inspired by the works of JRR Tolkien and George RR Martin.
Misty Mountains
3 24

Despite the tales that were told from generation to generation, Sauron did not harbour hatred towards the elves. Not all of them, at the least. An rp set one year before the events of the Hobbit!
Shadows Betray You
2 14

We are a very friendly and welcoming AU teen wolf s3 / spn s8 rpg. We still have loads of canons to choose from and member want ads as well.
Bordertown: An Elfside Story
2 11

Straddling Elfland and the modern world, Bordertown is a city of runaways, waifs and strays, of street gangs and grand adventure, where magic meets rock and roll.
Devil Never Cry
1 13

Welcome to a city where nightmares and reality mixes. Where stories used to scare children into behaving are often more than just stories.
Republic Revolution
1 9
Equalist have taken control of Republic City, the Avatar is missing and without her bending and the people are left to fend for themselves. Will you side with the Equalist and work to rid the world of bending forever or will you join the resistance and h
The Vampire Diaries Role-Play
0 31
Someone is bringing people back form the dead: Rose and Tatia are one of them. Some of them don't even remember dying. Katherine and Rebekah asked Bonnie to cast a spell and find out who that person is and what he/she wants. The spell backfired and Bonnie
Arecima: Divided Kingdoms
0 10

Arecima. The Land Forgotten filled with myth and legend. Arecima is a fantasy roleplay set in a new realm with an interactive storyline, character abilities, and lots of races reimagined. Arecima has lots of choices for character development, enabling a w
Three Crowns in Aranduin
0 9

Come join us in Aranduin, an open sandbox style world on the brink of a new age. Populated by a wide variety of characters, Aranduin is a high fantasy site and home to magic, beauty, truth, and danger. Adventure awaits, and not all is as it seems. Warrior
0 5
Astarin is an original fantasy RP set in a world on the brink of a magical and technological Renaissance, but embroiled in the political upheaval following the death of the nation's leader.
0 14

Forsaken is a medieval fantasy site centered around a place known as Faelbane Tower. The tower serves as a safe haven to those who are skilled in magic.
The Victors' Spoils
0 11
An Original Medieval Political RP - The Victors' Spoils is set in the King's Court in Demeria where the eighteen noble houses scheme, befriend and betray in the hopes of gaining power over each other and the court.
Stolen Innocence
0 8

The final battle is over, and Harry has won! But now the Ministry has taken control over the Wizarding world once more and has enacted a Marriage Law to sustain the population. Will you adhere to the new rules of the wizarding world?
Powerful Beginnings 3
0 8

Charmed season 9, come create your own adventure!
0 7

octurne is a unique, original anime rp set in a world polluted by immortality. A world where Three gang's struggle has torn four cities apart.

A world where people will do anything to survive.
Igniting Olympus
0 6

Inspired by Greek Mythology and Once Upon a Time, Igniting Olympus takes place both in
Mythos, the land of legend, and Historia, Oregon in the real world where the characters of
Greek Mythology have been reborn with little to no memory of their pasts...
Bestiary Contend
0 7
An original fantasy role play with a separate world, separate setting set in a futuristic world. We welcome all new members, with an active staff and friendly members.
Hogwarts: A New Age
0 10

We are a very active Harry Potter Role Playing site that includes Cannon and OC Characters. We have a evil group of Death Eater Children called Vapors that have taken over. 13 and up welcome.
0 9

In an alternate dimension of earth, myths are reality. Variety of playable species with focus on horse, design your own magic, bondable companions, territory wars, complex rank system plus much more!
0 11

Take a look at Aerth, an original medieval fantasy play by post rp forum. Aerth was created with the aim of having an RP forum in which the members and the characters can help shape the realm. With elves, dragons, humans, and magic, not to mention the pol
The Shift
0 15

What if the Mayan predictions had been right? What if the ancient Black or "Dark" Sun really did align with earth and its young sun on December 21, 2012? What if earth, as we knew it, was changed….forever?
The Shift RPG is a Modern Fantasy / Horror RPG
Overwhelming Hostility
0 10

'Overwhelming Hostility' is an active, Skyrim based rp site that is set in the same time frame as the game. There is a still a civil war happening the Imperials and the Stormcloaks as well as the threat of the dragons rising. We are very active and are ho
Never Neverland
0 10

NNL is an original fantasy role play - a completely unique setting, races, and story. This is a community that continues to build. We try to make plenty of opportunities for members - new and old - to get involved, interact, and help the site, storyline,

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